The cathedral of Palma de Mallorca and the stately courtyards

The cathedral of Palma de Mallorca
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Palma de Mallorca and its bay protect each other since the city was founded by the Romans, the first great moment of splendor of the Balearic capital came with the Arabs who expanded its Medina Mayurqa, harnessing it with gardens and labyrinths alleys that still survive today.

When the Muslim conqueror Isam al-Khawlani took control of the island in 903, the ancient Roman city of Palma was practically abandoned and in ruins. The Muslims adapted it to their needs by building inns, baths and mosques and although they initially partially respected the old urban layout, they quickly modified it. Visit the island of Mallorca with your Mallorca RIdeon motorcycle rental

On the death of Jaime I, who incorporated the island into Christianity and the Crown of Aragon, Mallorca was an independent court for a short but very fruitful period, that is when the Seu Cathedral was erected in front of the old Muslim Almudaina that became a palace. real. The cathedral mass seems to rise above the same air, the rough facade is transformed into light when the threshold is passed inside.
The impressive stained glass windows catch the sun to give free rein to the ships that delimit the powerful columns. You can start the visit with the Mallorca motorcycle rental in our Mallorca Office.
In the chapel of the Trinity rest the mortal remains of the two great Mallorcan monarchs, Jaime II and Jaime III. The cathedral dominates the entire city and its surroundings, next to it popular neighborhoods, malls and gardens, squares and palaces emerge, who best symbolizes the character of this aristocratic Palma that hides from the sight of the unnoticed walker, it is of the stately courtyards.

Eating at the ‘Quadrat’ Restaurant
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In the Quadrat restaurant, chef Simon Petutschnig’s proposals are simple, delicate, and prepared according to the rules that good cooking always dictates. The restaurant is located in the old stables of the palace-house and with direct access from the Plaza de Sant Francesc. Our cuisine is inspired by the Mediterranean culinary tradition, but with a touch of modernity. The center of Mallorca has almost no parking, it is perfect to be visited with the Mallorca motorcycle rental.

The restaurant has an indoor area and an outdoor garden terrace, where you can enjoy the good weather on the island of Palma de Mallorca. The chef, Simon Petutschnig, delights the most demanding palates with his cuisine based on local and Mediterranean products.
With an experienced and varied career with some Michelin-starred chefs in the world; Simon Petutschnig has created a unique, creative menu with Asian touches.

The stately courtyards: Palau March
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Contact: http://www.fundacionbmarch.es/
In the afternoon we will visit the old town of Mallorca to visit the stately courtyards, most of these mansions and palaces are usually buildings with a three-story structure, large mansions that well respond to the Mallorcan saying sa casa fa es senyor (the house does to the lord) where there are many staircases, large flowerpots and wells, without missing the bars through which we can enjoy the silent and cozy patios.

The stately courtyards were born in the Gothic centuries, when the narrow alleys of La Palma at that time forced to open wide and bright spaces within the mansions, in the 17th and 18th centuries the courtyards became the symbol of stately architecture Majorcan.
The Palau can March houses the Bartolomé March Foundation art and book collection, it is located in the historic center of Palma de Mallorca.
The collections of the museum, located in the Palau March, are made up of a collection of contemporary sculpture, which appears distributed throughout the courtyards, in which works by artists such as Rodin, Moore and Chillida stand out. It also contains a series of 40 religious-themed sculptural pieces made of polychrome wood

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