We tested the Peugeot Django in Menorca

Retro is in fashion, vintage design is still gaining ground and the same is true of Moto body design. We all know the Peugeot brand, perhaps not so much as a motorcycle manufacturer and still less as a coffee grinder manufacturer, this is how this brand began its wanderings around the 1800s. Peugeot is one of the oldest motorcycle manufacturers on the market, it got its first model in 1898 and in 1954 already launched its first scooter, the S55. Rideonmotorent offers you the best motorcycles for the best motorcycle rental in Menorca.
57 years after the release of the S57C model, Peugeot pays tribute to it with the Django, this is a motorcycle with Vintage lines but incorporates the latest technology from Peugeot, in addition to the combination of colors and all accessories allows up to 10,100 possibilities. Rideonmotorent is the best motorcycle rental Menorca

The Peugeot Django has 4 finishes, Heritage, Evasion, Sport and Allure. With retro aesthetics and a selectable bodywork in up to two colors, the Django Evasion incorporates the most advanced technology on the market, has LED lighting, a complete digital instrument panel and even a 12-volt socket to charge the mobile. You can enjoy a Peugeot Django with the Menorca airport motorcycle rental.

Equipped with chrome front luggage rack, short windshield and oval rear-view mirrors. The Django can be ordered with white sidewall tires, and 12-inch milkywithe wheels and a large under-seat boot for a full-face helmet.
The Django is available in three engines, 2 of 49 CC, two of two times and two of 4 times, and the 125 CC of 4 times. An air-cooled engine with a carburettor and 10.2 hp. It offers discreet but optimal performance, which is expected of a Scooter designed to move freely around the city.

We have tested the Django on the streets of Menorca and it is very manageable and pleasant to drive, with very smooth acceleration. Equipped with a combined braking system called SBC, a system that evenly distributes braking power for greater safety. The Peugeot Django was born as a tough rival for its Italian counterparts.

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