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You must send an email to cancelaciones@rideon.es with the reservation details.

Send an email to hola@rideon.es with the changes you wish to make and the reservation details.

For 40€ we will pick you up at the airport, we will take you to our offices in Mahon and we will keep your luggage for a maximum interval of 6 hours. We will take your luggage to your hotel or private apartment. On the last day we pick up your bags at the hotel and take them to the Mahon offices, you return the motorcycle, the bags will be there and we will take you back to the airport, the price of 40€ is total for the outward journey and for the return you would only pay 40 € in total. It is not fractional.

You must send an email to facturacion@rideon.es with the fiscal data and the reservation reference.