Menorca horse trail

How “Ride On 2 Walk” works

Ride On and Menorca Slow have designed a flexible route package for both those who want to do the whole route and those who want to do single stages. We have the best points on the island in our guide with which you can know at all times where you are, how much you need to get there and alternative routes.
What Ride On Moto Rent brings:
The logistics in Menorca to do the Camí de Cavall’s is complicated if you don’t have local support, we pick up the bike at the start of your stage and take it to the point of arrival. This is how you can optimize your time on the island, without changing hotels, feeling completely free of large groups or expensive means of transport that suit you exclusively.

What MenorcaSlow.net brings:
MenorcaSlow.net is the company with the most experience in this tracking segment in Menorca.
You have created a specialized and exclusive guide for people who want to be free, without depending on groups, schedules or a guide that tells you how and where you have to walk, this guide called “A TU AIRE” contains all the details needed to make the Cami de Cavalls an authentic experience in which you will feel like a real hiker !!

The Camí de Cavalls GR223 & RideOnCamí

Europe has a network of trails classified as GR, “Gran Recorrido”, trails that require a minimum of 2 days to complete. The Camí de Cavalls was completely reopened in 2010 and classified as the GR223. Its name, Camí de Cavalls, means Horse Trail and dates back to the eighteenth century, in British Menorca. Before the arrival of English troops in Menorca, the Spaniards were responsible for destroying many of the defense and control points that existed on the island, forcing the new occupiers to strengthen the defenses. To do this, they built watchtowers along the Menorcan coast and, to communicate them, a path was created that went around the entire island. This military route was patrolled by soldiers on horseback, hence the name, Camí de Cavalls.
185km of trail that will take you from cove to cove passing through the most incredible contrasts of vegetation and geology. Menorca is a unique island in the Mediterranean, Biosphere Reserve since 1993. Year in which it was proclaimed as the first island in the world under this protection, and today, the only one in the Mediterranean. 73% of our coast is under protection and has never been urbanized. This is of course one of its great attractions, although when it comes to wanting to complete all the stages, we find it very difficult, both to get to the starting points and to return from the points of arrival.
To facilitate logistics for our walkers, the leading online motorcycle rental company in Menorca, RideOn, and the pioneering hiking company on the island of MenorcaSlow.net, have joined forces to create RideOnCamí. A motorcycle rental with the transport service of these from your start of the stage to the point of your arrival. In this way, you will drive yourself to the desired starting point and, when you reach the indicated end, your motorcycle will be waiting for you. You will have in this way, of total autonomy. Marking yourself the pace you want to take and the time you want to spend in each of the coves.
Worry about enjoying it and let us take care of the rest!

The Camí de Cavalls and its Stages.
Program 2017.
Tailor-made programs.

The natural path of the Camino de Cavalls shows the authentic Menorca, allows you to enjoy the strength of the north wind and allows you to travel a path of more than 180 km that reunites with a prodigious nature, with an impressive biodiversity and an island that is a reserve of the biosphere thanks to the fact that it has been cared for and respected by all Menorcans over time.

The Camino de Cavalls runs between “tanks”, fences that delimit a wide variety of environments in which an ancestral landscape shaped by the passage of time is recognized, landscapes that add livestock, mountain agriculture and popular architecture. The route along the GR de camí de cavalls is perfect to enjoy menorca motorbike rental with RideonMotorent.

The name of the natural path has its origin in the Menorcan horse, a native specimen of black color, stylized and not very high whose presence along the path is common. Horses and fortresses leave in the path of horses a route that takes us to the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries by a route to communicate the various defensive constructions of the island The cami de cavalls hides fantastic corners to discover with the motorcycle rental airport menorca.

The story goes that the horse trail was the connection between the watchtowers to defend the island from Ottoman and pirate attacks. The defense against the siege of the enemies was carried out thanks to the watchtowers provided by the coast.  Rental moto Menorca