Summer parties in Menorca town by town

From June, when the Fiestas de San Juan de Ciutadella are celebrated and until September, when Maó celebrates its Fiestas de Gràcia, Menorca dresses up. All the municipalities of the Island host their most popular festivals during the summer months and offer a great leisure option for those who do motorcycle tourism in Menorca, since through these celebrations the visitor delves into the essence of this Mediterranean town .
One of the common elements in all the festivals of Menorca, and which is also the main axis of the festive programs, is the horse. Riders in colorful clothing and horses of great beauty also decked out for the occasion represent the past of Menorca through various official acts and with unique shows such as the traditional ‘jaleos’ in which the public makes the horses jump on two legs among the crowd with incredible skill.
The most important festivals on the island are those of San Juan de Ciudadela, which are celebrated around the patron’s date, June 24. These festivals have become a huge claim for the island as they bring together thousands of visitors who come to Menorca year after year to fully enjoy the event. The traditional Menorca Gin with lemon is the drink par excellence and in all beach bars and bars it is served very cold.
However, these are not the only parties on the Island, below we detail the dates of the patron saint festivities of each municipality in Menorca, so you can enjoy a different and complete summer on your rental motorcycle.

Ciutadella. Sant Joan festivities: June 23 and 24
It is Mercadal. Sant Martí festivities: third weekend of July
Fornells. Sant Antoni festivities: fourth weekend of July
It is Castell. Festes de Sant Jaume: July 24 and 25
It is Migjorn Gran. Sant Cristòfol de ses Corregudes festivities: fifth weekend of July
Llucmaçanes. Festes de Sant Gaietà: first weekend of August
Alaior. Sant Llorenç festivities: the weekend after August 10
Sant Climent. San Clemente festivities: the weekend following the Sant Llorenç festivities
Ferreries. Sant Bartomeu festivities: August 23 and 24
Sant Lluís. Festivals of Saint Louis of France: weekend after August 25
Maó. Celebrations of the Mare de Déu de Gràcia (Maó): 7 and 8 September