Ferreries Festivities 2015

Between August 22 and 25, the town of Ferreries celebrates its patron saint festivities in honor of Sant Bartomeu, festivals that have their origin in the 14th century and have evolved to this day, becoming an unavoidable appointment on the festive calendar of Menorca. .
The Ferreries Festivities also feature the horse, as occurs in all the towns of the Island. And they are an unbeatable moment to discover a show that is unique in the world and that you have at your fingertips if you are enjoying a few days of vacation. on a rental motorcycle in Menorca.
If you are one of the lucky ones, we want to offer you the most outstanding events of the Sant Bartomeu de Ferreries 2015 Festival program, so that you take note of everything you cannot stop doing during these days.
Saturday August 22.
The festivities begin on Saturday at noon with the delivery of the saint’s ‘penó’ and the first touch of ‘fabiol’. The ‘caixers’ (horsemen) then distribute the traditional Sant Bartomeu candles throughout the town.
In the afternoon the ‘fabioler’ gathers all the ‘caixers’ members of the cavalcade (the colcada) to head to Pla de l’Església and celebrate the acclaimed Jaleo.
At dusk, the whole procession makes the traditional tour of the streets of Ferreries.
The acts of the day conclude in the parish, with the celebration of the “Completes” in honor of the patron.
Sant Bartomeu Day: August 24
On the day of the party, the ‘colcada’ is formed at 9 in the morning to celebrate a Jaleo in the Pla de l’Església in the early hours, at the end of which the green canes and the silver spoon are delivered to the participants.
After the Jaleo and the tour of the streets of the town, the Missa de Caixers is celebrated in the church of Sant Bartomeu
To finish, the ‘colcada’ is addressed to the act of the caixers.
Complementary acts
Cercaviles. A troupe made up of the six big heads of Ferreries, which is essential for the party, and especially for the little ones. The parade is held on Saturday afternoon and Sant Bartomeu day in the morning.
Jaleo d’Ases. A new custom full of good humor and fun whereby the local youth celebrate a Jaleo with donkeys the day after the party