The Sant Climent de Maó Festival 2015, step by step

On the third weekend of August, the Mayan town of Sant Climent dresses up to celebrate its patron saint festivities. This 2015 the parties are celebrated on August 22, 23 and 24.
The Sant Climent de Maó festivities follow the same patterns as the rest of the popular festivals in Menorca and are an excellent opportunity for those who discover the beauty of Menorca on a rental motorbike to also discover the popular culture of this Mediterranean town.
Saturday August 22:
In the Calle de Sant Jaume the “Replec” of the gentlemen who will participate in the “Colcada” begins. In first place is the ‘fabioler’, followed by the ‘Caixer Fadrí’ (single); and then the rest of the knights. The ‘Caixer Batle’, accompanied by the ‘Caixer Pagès’ (peasant), await you. The single rider receives the flag from the hands of the local authority and then all the knights pass by greeting the ‘Caixer Batle’ (mayor) of Sant Climent.
Next, all the ‘caixers’ leave in formation at the touch of ‘fabiol’ and, once on the horses, they go to the church to pick up the ‘Caixer Capellà’ (priest).
Then begins the tour of the ‘colcada’ through the streets of the town. Once this is finished, the ‘Colcada’ goes to ‘Completes’ to the church of Sant Climent.
And at the end of the celebration the traditional ‘Jaleo’ takes place in the Sant Climent square.
Sunday, August 23:
In the morning the knights meet again in Sant Jaume street, and they follow the same ceremonial as on a Saturday party. All together they go to church to attend the ‘Misa de Caixers’ (Misa de Caballeros).
Once the celebration is over, the ‘Colcada’ leaves in formation towards the Sant Climent square, to start the ‘Jaleo’, after doing the usual rag Caragol ’. At the end of this, the farewell protocol of the Mayor and the ‘Capellana’ is carried out, which is developed as the previous day. Subsequently, the City Council offers all participants the traditional snack. Upon arrival, all Knights enter formation and at the touch of ‘fabiol’.
The ‘Caixer Batle’ and the Mayor (or his representative) address a few words to those present, thanking them for their participation and inviting them to next year’s parties. After these words, the ‘Caixer Batle’ returns the staff to the representative of the City Council, and the ‘Caixer Fadrí’ who has held this position returns the flag to the representative of the Board. In this way the protocol acts are terminated. rental moto