Spring in Valencia 2022

Spring means flowers, sun and many colors. But it also means a good opportunity to visit Valencia. If you don’t have any plans for your spring, this is a perfect option.

Plans to enjoy in spring in Valencia 2022

Pack your bags and your spring pints because the fun is just beginning.

Bike tour along the river: In the past, the River Turia crossed the heart of Valencia. Today, you can cycle through it, as it has now been transformed into a 10-kilometre park that weaves through the city. You can make a route by bike or on foot surrounded by spring blooms and extensive vegetation starting from Cabecera Park until you reach the Arenas and Malvarrosa beaches. To rest from pedaling, you can make a stop to visit any of the most important cultural institutions in Valencia, the City of Arts and Sciences and the Museum of Fine Arts.
Stroll through the Albufera: The spring heat is ideal for a boat ride through the Albufera, a saltwater lagoon located south of the city known for its rice fields. The course of the waters is lined with white stucco buildings with steep, embroidered thatched roofs. It should be clarified that these are the typical houses of the Valencian rice farmers. By doing this tour you will be able to learn everything about the rice harvest, appreciate the beauty of the nature of the place and, if you feel like eating something, enjoy a good plate of paella in the cradle of this delicacy.
Holy Week with a taste of the sea: The spring season in Valencia is also a good opportunity to enjoy the Holy Week of the Sea. March in the processions and be impressed with the stories of the biblical characters that seem to come to life on these dates, all enlivened with the typical music of these festivities. On Holy Saturday, the church bells resound to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus. Oh, and if you’re in that area, be very careful, because it’s a Valencian custom to throw pottery from their windows!
G1 Ciclo MIC: If you are looking for quality free entertainment and activities, you cannot miss the Gl Ciclo MIC, a space for contemporary instrumental music that will take place on the last Friday of March and the following three on the Library plain. Public.
Pillow War: And if you want to have fun as a child, stay tuned for April 1 because the 10th largest pillow war in Spain will be celebrated in the Plaza de la Virgen. A perfect event to return to childhood and forget the problems. It will start at 6:00 p.m. To participate, a series of rules are required.
Get to know the Torre del Miguelete: To delight yourself with a panoramic view of another world, you must visit the Torre del Miguelete (el Micalet, as they call it in their land). In the bell tower of the Cathedral all the history of Valencia is summed up and even today’s sun it is possible to admire the views and observe the confines of the city. Dating back to the 14th century, it is Gothic in style and you must climb no less than 207 steps to reach the top. While there, you cannot forget to visit the Cathedral and, finally, a walk through the Plaza de la Reina and Plaza de la Virgen.