Things to do this spring in Mallorca 2022

Spring is the season where the fun never ends and the weather and the color of the environment invite you to leave home. Mallorca may be the best destination for a luxury spring. Get ready for fun!

Things to do this spring in Mallorca 2022

Beach day in Mallorca: If your thing is a day at the beach, sand and sun, in Mallorca there is everywhere. Although La Palma is located on the coast, much of the maritime area is dedicated to the port. However, if you are looking for a quiet beach, it also has urban beaches (away from the center) where you can sunbathe a lot. They are not very beautiful beaches, but they are very visited by Palma residents before the tourist season.
Hiking: Mallorca offers a fusion of beach and mountains, so hiking is one of the most practiced sports there. If you want to get out of the beach weather for a bit, this can be a good option.
Excursion in La Calobra: I know that in the summer season Mallorca is usually visited in summer, especially La Calobra, so summer is not the ideal time to visit it if you do not like to go when many people go. La Calobra is one of the most important points in Mallorca, which is why you cannot leave without going along its famous road and visiting its spectacular cove. It is one of the best plans for spring 2022 Mallorca.
Bike ride in the Serra de Tramuntana: You don’t need to be a cyclist to get on a bike for a day and discover the wonders of the island. You will find spectacular mountain bike routes that you cannot miss, regardless of whether or not you are an expert in this sport. You will be impressed by the landscape and you will have a totally different vision about Mallorca.
Celebrate Saint George’s Day: On April 23, Saint George’s Day is celebrated, a very common event in non-Catalan speaking areas. Although it is celebrated with more fervor in Catalonia, as Saint George is the patron saint of this land, Mallorca is also encouraged to celebrate it with a party that has been taking over this day for a long time. Flowers and books brighten the streets to preserve the tradition that says that men should give women a rose, and women in turn should give them a book. This is how the legend of Saint George is commemorated.
Enjoy the Cossiers Dance: The Cossiers show is one of the most amazing in Mallorca. It consists of a folk dance performed by six men dancing around a woman. The men carry in their hands a handkerchief and a bouquet of aromatic herbs with which the lady of the demon figure, who also participates in the show.

You can find all this and more in Mallorca, a jewel where spring is more colorful and joyful.