Plans to enjoy this spring in Menorca 2022

Spring is the season where being locked up at home least provokes. Menorca may be the ideal place to enjoy this season as a family or as a couple. Beach, nature, history and much more you will find here.

Plans to enjoy this spring in Menorca 2022

These are the best options for a luxurious spring.

Camí de Cavalls Excursion: The spring season is the most suitable for this activity. On this excursion you will take a tour to get to know the great diversity of coves as well as the most beautiful landscapes of the island. You also avoid the summer crowds of tourists, the rains and take advantage of a formidable climate.
Get to know the most important historical sites: Nothing better than winter and spring, to enjoy a tour to learn about the history and culture of the island of Menorca. Since the temperature has not yet risen and there is still some coolness, there is no impediment to making long trips, but it is not exactly the right time to take a good dip in the sea. However, it is a good time for a good historical visit.
Visit the beaches and coves: The coasts of Menorca are one of the most worthy things to visit on the island. Although the beauty of these beaches and coves does not change at any time of the year, there is no doubt that spring, because it has less influx of people, is the ideal season to appreciate them in all their splendor. That is to say, you can see the waters even more crystal clear, calm and of a beautiful turquoise color, perfect for a photograph.
Discover the deposits: The island of Menorca is already an authentic archaeological museum in the open. If you are looking to get to know the Talayotic culture, you will find a wide variety of sites in all corners of the island: the Es Castellet de Calescoves necropolis, the famous Naveta des Tudons, the Cala Morell necropolis, the Talayotic town of Torralba d’en Salort , in addition to the 300 talayots that are scattered throughout the territory.

As we said before: it is archeology in the open, so July or August are not the best months to appreciate it. It is more advisable in better in April, May or June.

Come to the lighthouses: Menorca boasts 7 spectacular lighthouses, one more interesting than the others. And many will be able to appreciate panoramic views worthy of a photograph for posterity. And what better than doing it in spring? As mentioned above, the influx of people is less so you can make your visits more calmly, and take photos with less stress.
Enjoy the Menorcan gastronomy: Any day of the year is perfect to enjoy the gastronomy of Menorca, the cold or the heat influence the most famous recipes, but they will interfere with the experience of pleasure in your palate.

The advantage of spring is that it is much more pleasant to eat on the terraces (those same terraces where it is so pleasant to sit and talk during this time of pandemic.

When it comes to cheese, you can’t stop tasting the D.O. Mahón, the famous sobrasada of Menorca, or drink a good sip of cold ointment (a combination of Gin Xorigué and lemonade) while you watch the port, framed by the sun. An unforgettable evening!