Among the means of transport that are being used the most today are Motorcycle Sharing and Motorcycle Renting, but what are they and what are the differences between both types of transport? If you are interested in renting a motorcycle in Barcelona, ​​Mallorca, Menorca and Valencia, read on to discover more about what could be the best option for your pocket and convenience.

Motorcycle Sharing and Motorcycle Renting

In many parts of the world you can appreciate the two modes of transport and Spain is no exception, but if you are someone who does not know the difference between one option and the other, this is the time to start getting to know it.

Motorcycle rental in Barcelona is similar to Renting

Motorcycle rental and motorcycle sharing are not the same, although it can be confused with the broad term motorcycle rental.

First of all, the motorcycle rental in Mallorca or in any of our locations (Barcelona, ​​Menorca and Valencia) corresponds more to the business model of a motorcycle rental, in which a person makes a full-time rental and receives more benefits as part of your simple contract with a supplier.

Motorcycle Sharing is more public
Like the Sharing models of electric scooters and bicycles, this transport model is based on a temporary rental (almost always by hours of use) of the motorcycle, it only has the basics (A collection point for the motorcycle according to the closest location and the safety equipment that everyone can use) and it even works in the same way as the other types of Sharing, you have open spaces where you can take the vehicle and you can leave the unit in any legal parking spot in the city.

Advantages and disadvantages of Motorcycle Sharing and Renting
Both models allow mobility through the city and to carry out the most important errands, their advantages are more focused on two different types of consumers, for example, if you like the following criteria, you can say that your transport model is, without a doubt , the Motorcycle Sharing:

You do not mind sharing a jet helmet (all motorcycle sharing companies in Spain are governed by the rule and must provide it, in addition to the disposable balaclava).
Download the application of the fleet providers on your mobile, have internet when using the application and activate the GPS.
Respect the limits of the “Service Territory” defined by the operator.
Be aware that you can sign up at any time you stop using the Sharing service.
You pay for hours of use, without any kind of reservation of the motorcycle you use, after parking it, you are no longer subject to it (that is, it is not worth fondling, it is a Sharing).
The case of motorcycle rental in Barcelona, ​​Valencia, Menorca and Mallorca is different, for example, if you like the following characteristics, then this is the best transport selection.

The motorcycle rental or motorcycle rental service in Menorca, Mallorca, Barcelona and Valencia is a personalized and exclusive system.
This means that after viewing the available fleet and choosing your motorcycle by visiting the physical headquarters or through the website (some providers such as Ride On offer a 10% discount for managing online), your selected motorcycle arrives where you are. find and with other benefits of use.
For example, free cancellation process, 2 disinfected helmets and as new, roadside assistance, insurance included, unlimited mileage and free trunk.
Motorcycle rental options for days for individuals and companies.
Discounts for a greater number of days, offering competitive prices with greater freedom of use.
These two types of services are the future of mobility in the world, knowing what a type of motorcycle rental can serve you, whether you are in Barcelona, ​​Menorca, Mallorca or Valencia, will be very useful to choose the best model. suits you.