Currently, Valencia is one of the friendliest cities to travel by motorcycle, so if you are in your plans to discover this beautiful city, a motorcycle rental in Valencia may be the best option to visit the irresistible destinations in the region. Read on to find out which is the ideal route to explore this Spanish town.

Discover Valencia by motorcycle
Discovering Valencia by motorbike is anything but boring; This city adorns tourists and residents with the soft golden sand of its beaches, the spectacular views of the Mediterranean and the exploration in the open air that allows them to discover it through walks through its dozens of gardens, parks and squares.

But that’s not all, a motorcycle rental will allow you to explore all the nuances of Valencia, from art and science fans, as well as lovers of natural settings, good food and architecture, anyone can fall in love with this city.

Here are two destinations that you can travel by motorcycle and that you can not only enjoy the tourist attraction when you arrive, but also the route that we recommend you take:

The Silk Exchange
Today, it is one of the main historical attractions of the city and is one of the few non-religious examples of Gothic architecture in Europe; In ancient times, this medieval silk market was built to show the wealth of Valencia at the time of the height of the silk trade.

Arriving through a motorcycle rental in Valencia can be very advantageous, since this type of transport is easy to use, fast and safe, you can park outside the attraction and after exploring the luxuriously decorated rooms, the main hall, photograph Its towering columns that represent palm trees that reach the sky in paradise and enjoy this UNESCO World Heritage Site, you can easily resume the trip to the next destination.

This is a 25-acre zoo, located in the northwest area of ​​the city.

But this is not just any type of zoo, it is immersive entertainment, which means that it removes or hides many of the barriers that most zoos establish between different species, including humans.

As the park aims to recreate the African continent, with animals such as zebras, Nile crocodiles, elephants and giraffes distributed in four main spaces, it is like a kind of safari in the best Spanish style: The species that live together naturally and naturally safe, they are also placed together; while other friendly species, like lemurs, for example, are free to meet humans face to face.

There are main rules in this Valencian destination regarding animals: they must not be touched or fed, nor must they be interrupted by screaming or flash photography.

Recommended route from La Lonja de la Seda to Bioparc with a motorcycle rental in Valencia:

Take Carrer de Calatrava, Carrer dels Cavallers and Carrer de Murillo to C / de Guillem de Castro
Turn right towards C / de Guillem de Castro
Turn left onto Carrer de Quart
Continue on Gran Via de Ferran el Catòlic. Take Av. De Pío XII to Av. De Campanar
Follow Carrer de la Vall de la Ballestera until Av. Pío Baroja and at the roundabout, take the second exit towards Av. Pío Baroja
Bioparc will be on the right
Although this route is the longest (approximately 13 minutes by motorcycle), it is the one that has the best architectural settings to discover Valencia by motorcycle, for example, through C / de Guillem de Castro you can appreciate the Torres de Quart, Following this route you will pass through the Plaza de San Sebastián and the front of the Botanical Garden, in addition, you will go through the front of Jardi del Turia, another of the attractions found in the heart of the city.

If you follow this route, you can stop whenever you want in each of the destinations you get, or take a detour a couple of blocks to see others such as the Torres de Serranos, the Central Market and more.

Scooter rental in Valencia

Discovering Valencia by motorcycle is not something that can be done in one day, in addition, its natural and architectural settings are to be appreciated in all their splendor, with the natural daylight and the gentle breeze. That is why motorbike rental in Valencia is the best transport for these types of tours and many more, as the city also has architecturally remarkable palaces and churches to attract history buffs, doing it by motorcycle can be an experience without equal.