Menorca, a perfect tourist destination to meet on a motorcycle

Take advantage of your holidays in Menorca on a rental motorcycle to enjoy the thousand and one possibilities that the Island offers. Menorca will captivate you with its virgin beaches and coves, its natural spaces, its towns, its cities, its fields … but also The many leisure activities you can do on the Island, activities in contact with nature and suitable for all audiences, will leave a great memory.
In the towns that arise along the way we discover part of Menorca’s past, through its squares, its houses, its palaces and its monuments. In its fields its agricultural past and present. And in its natural surroundings, in addition to its great environmental wealth, you can also discover numerous archaeological sites from the first human settlements in prehistory.
But in addition, the Island has a wide range of routes for cycling, on foot or on horseback with which visitors enter spectacular landscapes.
On the other hand, you can fully enjoy the Menorcan coast, and not only through its wonderful beaches and coves, but also through activities such as scuba diving, sailing or canoeing, which you will access in various coastal towns of Menorca.
Also, in its ports you can rent a private boat or get on one of the many passenger ships that make excursions along this beautiful coastline.
The towns and cities of Menorca, also some of its tourist centers, also have a wide amalgam of craft shops and bars, restaurants and nightclubs to live the Menorcan night in all its essence.
In summer, in addition, all the municipalities celebrate their traditional patron saint festivities and the Island also hosts some classical and jazz music festivals that usually have renowned artists and that are held outdoors.