Bellver Castle
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Far from the narrowness of the streets and the fabulous distinguished courtyards, the Bellver castle stands, Jaime II, the son of Jaime the conqueror, ordered its construction to relieve his battered body attacked by tuberculosis and was later used as a prison for that Asturian illustrated called Gaspar Melchor de Jovellanos who spent six years locked up in the castle. The center of Mallorca has almost no parking, it is perfect to be visited with the Mallorca motorcycle rental.
Castell Bellver
The fortress is the most notorious witness of those times when Mallorca was an independent kingdom open to the Mediterranean, where it participated in a prosperous trade. The larger tower, perfectly protected and isolated from the rest of the fortress, was the last stronghold of resistance if Bellver was attacked. In this type of towers the traditional tribute ceremony was held in a traditional way, in which the Castilian, as head of the fortress, took an oath of fidelity and obedience to his king or lord and promised to defend the castle . For many years the main tower was also used as a prison. Visit the island of Mallorca with your Mallorca Rideon motorcycle rental
Bellver castle interior
An important collection of graffiti is proof of that period of confinement. From its malls you can enjoy another prodigious work of art, the Mallorquina bay.

Eating at Salvia Restaurant
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In an elegant setting of a 19th-century mansion and a Mediterranean garden with the impressive backdrop of the Sóller Valley, they provide the beautiful setting of the Salvia dining terrace. The Salvia restaurant provides fine-tuned food and interesting dishes that give it a unique Majorcan flavor. Visit the Salvia restaurant with your Mallorca motorcycle rental with Rideon.
Salvia restaurant Mallorca
With a small but tasty selection of fresh Majorcan products, Spanish and Mediterranean dishes, you can also have an aperitif to accompany a glass of wine or some more succulent cravings such as the ‘Black Seafood Risotto’, a delicacy for all lovers of seafood.
For dinners La Salvia offers a seasonal menu, to pair the food you can choose between its wide but careful and chosen selection of wines from Majorca and regional Spanish. rent moto Mallorca

Sóller railway
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Soller railway
Leaving Palma de Mallorca on the Sóller Railway is quite an experience, it is the last of its lineage, it has been operating since 1912 and it covers the 27 KM that separate the capital of Sóller. It is much more than a means of locomotion, it has become the heritage of all Majorcans who have managed to keep it safe from the ravages of time, and from the raging currents of design and fashion. Visit the Mallorca railway with your Mallorca Rideon motorcycle rental.
Soller Railway Station
The railway is an authentic time machine from which you can see mountains, cross mountain ranges and contemplate the landscapes of the Sierra de Tramuntana to finally enjoy the view of the Sóller valley.
Soller Valley
The Posada de l’a Artesà is the end and point of the route, this is an old post house from which the errands left for Palma, which have allowed it to preserve the aroma of ancient times of splendor.
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