Knowing Mallorca in a Weekend

Spain is one of the European countries that is most impacted by tourism, since it has landscapes for all kinds of tastes and the costs are not that high, so it is very important that you look for alternatives to have fun regardless of whether it is winter. There are many activities that can be profitable and entertaining for your weekend getaways, so it is essential to have a well-planned agenda to take advantage of the time, everything counts when it comes to enjoying, in addition to factors such as eating differently or seeing dream landscapes they are really shocking for everyone, regardless of age.

What can you do?

Without taking the beach as a priority, you have to start by touring La Palma, a colonial-style and well-preserved area. It is very important that you take time to walk calmly, try a dish and of course learn about its history from a local.
Another very touristy area is Portixol, which is purely fishing and therefore you can eat delicious without spending a lot of money. There you must try the well-known Llonguets, a kind of bread baked and stuffed with ham, cheese or any type of meat, it is very typical of the region.
We continue with Valldemosa, another important point of Mallorca as a tourist destination. Also in an old style, with many cobbled streets, so with comfortable shoes you have more than enough to know the most special and beautiful corners of this island that for many is a hidden treasure within such a vast country.
A strategic point in Mallorca is Sóller, because it has a lot of activity, a lot of life during the winter. It has a municipal market whose magic is indescribable and throughout the year there are pleasant streets through which to walk, eat an ice cream or pass by the Church of San Bartolomé.
You have to see the tourist attractions of the island as something that we should not miss, the olive trees are a fairly repetitive landscape throughout the country. But at the San Bartolomé Cooperative, near Sóller, you can even participate in olive extraction dynamics.
It is interesting to know the Sierra de la Tramontana, where there are farms dedicated to olive trees and the cultivation of oranges. From these large areas come the purest and most expensive oils, which are imported to all of Europe and even to other continents due to their significant number of consumers in this area.
When you go back you should enjoy a sunset or sunrise from Puerto de Sóller, because the large number of peñeros and boats that remain there make the blue of the Mediterranean look worthy of a movie. With something to eat makes this a visit that sets precedents.
We end by mentioning that in the winter you need drinks to enjoy in front of a fireplace and warm up your body a bit, so you can go through the bazaars or wine factories of La Palma, which are the best in the country in terms of quality standards of the final products.

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