Advantages and Disadvantages of motorcycle renting

Advantages of renting motorcycles

Motorcycle renting offers numerous advantages, such as the rental price: it is much cheaper to rent a motorcycle than a car. These prices can be around 15 euros per day during the middle season, and above 35 euros per day during the high season, when demand increases.

Motorcycles are also easier to drive and park, since they adapt to the narrowness of the streets of the municipalities, especially in the old quarters. This would make it difficult for a car to transit. While with the motorcycle it is possible to circulate more easily and find a place to park, especially in the middle of summer.

Disadvantages of renting motorcycles

Renting motorcycles also has some drawbacks, such as the difficulty of transporting many orders in a single trip, unlike a car. This means that several large orders could not be transported without having to make several trips, although the speed of transit compensates for this inconvenience.

The power of these vehicles is another point against. Generally, the agencies on the island rent low-cylinder scooters, so that anyone with a driver’s license can use them. The easy handling of these vehicles balances the power and speed they achieve, which can make longer trips more difficult, especially when you need to carry two passengers.

In addition, the roads are not in optimal condition. Although they are usually preserved, it should be remembered that those that lead to the most isolated beaches are usually in somewhat more precarious condition, in some cases unpaved. It should also be noted that the main roads are not 100% optimized to allow the movement of motorcycles, they do not have lanes enabled for this purpose or shoulders wide enough to travel on a motorcycle. Another drawback is the poor lighting on the roads, including the main one, which increases the danger of journeys at night.

There are fewer disadvantages than advantages. Motorcycle rental is an option that can help boost delivery companies such as Glovo or Ubereats, which will increase profits and gain more and more demand in the country. A vehicle as simple as a motorcycle can offer many advantages that a car does not, and being able to rent it at affordable prices allows you to carry out the job of delivery man with greater ease and safety.

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