From the Gloss to the Menorcan stone

Making a route to the north of the island and moving a bit away from the harsh tramuntana that hits the coast, we enter an area full of vegetation, as you pass through the small sandy roads you can hear a kind of popular composition, oral and rhymed, the Gloss. Its singers are the Glosadores de Menorca. The best way to discover the island with the Menorca scooter rental.
The Menorcan gloss is a poetry normally improvised at the very moment it is recited. In the Balearic, rural and illiterate society of the 19th century, the figure of the “glosador” became quite famous, with some of them becoming professional, traveling from town to town, testing their abilities in the face of public challenges or others glosadores in the so-called “gloss battles”. From Ride On we hope you enjoy Menorca airport motorcycle rental.
Menorcans have always made stone art, one of their most abundant materials. Near Ciutadell the Turons naveta rises. A perfect visit with the Menorca motorcycle rental. Some remains more than 2,000 years old that allow access to its interior. The Naveta des Tudons is a funerary construction from Menorcan prehistory used between 1200 and 750 BC. C. It is a collective tomb that, when restored in the 1950s, 2 brought the remains of at least 100 individuals and objects from their funeral deposits: bronze bracelets, bone and ceramic buttons. It is one of the best preserved prehistoric buildings in Menorca.
Las Pedreres de S’Hostal
The marés or white stone with which the constrictions were traditionally lifted and is still used today for the construction of farmhouses is extracted from quarries delving into the ground. The Pedreres de S’Hostal are located 1km from Ciudadela de Menorca and make up an enclosure of marés quarries whose exploitation was completed in 1994, currently, cultural events, concerts and shows are held in the quarry in a beautiful environment perfect for the sound reinforcement of the stone walls. The visit to the S’Hostal stones can be started from any of our motorcycle rental offices in Menorca
Líthica is the result of the graduation project of the sculptor Laetitia Lara. With her, in 1994 the rehabilitation and adaptation of the largest sandstone quarry in Menorca, Las Canteras de s’Hostal, was carried out.
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