Discover the center of Ciutadella

Raised on the arm of the sea that runs into the land as an estuary, Ciutadella becomes powerful, it was and is the city that housed the aristocracy of the island, going up from the town to the great Plaza presided over by the castle made town hall and centered by that great Monolith in the central part of the square in commemoration of the 3,000 deported by the Turks, when in 1558 a Turkish fleet under Admiral Pialí attacked the city. It was July 9 when the defenders surrendered to the Turkish forces. The best way to discover the island with your Rideon Menorca motorcycle rental.
Obalisco plaza España Menorca
Part of the population was deported under rescue to Istanbul. As of that year a slow reconstruction of the city begins that will have its counterpoint in 1646 with the arrival on the island of the plague. British rule for much of the eighteenth century, caused the decline and languishment of the city that lost the island’s capital, for the benefit of Mahón. Enjoy the best scooter rental service in menorca.
Ciutadella streets
In Ciutadella you will find one with a splendid Mediterranean architecture, with stupendous facades rosed by the faint color of the stone, its balconies, galleries and windows, where Menorcans resided until the English gave the bourgeois and industrial nuance to the other great nucleus of the island, Mahón. Which perhaps meant a loss of its old splendor. The center of Menorca is perfect to be visited with the motorcycle rental in Menorca.
CIutadella Cathedral
Through the streets of Ciutadella, he walks slowly, resting, tasting the horizons and contemplating the facade of the cathedral, his story tells that in the year 1558 the assault of the Turks took place that caused the destruction of the liturgical furniture, weakening the structures. Thus, in the year 1626 a part of the building collapsed. At the end of the XVl century the chapel of the Santísimo was built, which currently has a neoclassical style, since it was restored in the 17th century. At the end of the 17th century the Baroque Chapel of Souls was built, it was also restored. The visit to the Cathedral can be done from any of our Menorca rent motorbike offices
Ses Voltes streets
The center of Ciutadella transmits an air of tradition with its filtered light that is emphasized in its narrow streets, with curious names such as Que no passa (‘What does not happen’, or sugar) or Ses Voltes (‘Las Arcadas’) that begin at Plaça Nova or Plaça Espanya (‘Plaza Nueva or Plaza España’) and end at the Cathedral of Ciudadela.
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