Do not run out of options for this 2022 Barcelona awaits you

Do not run out of options for this 2022. Barcelona has everything you need for a wonderful rest week. With these 2022 Barcelona plans you won’t get bored. From architecture and gastronomy to nature, the options are endless and regardless of the time of year or whether you go alone or accompanied.

5 Plans for 2022 in Barcelona

If you don’t know where to start on your visit to Barcelona this 2022, we give you these 2022 Barcelona plan options with which you will have a great time.

Know the Basilica of Santa Maria del Mar

If you pass through the Born neighborhood, your first stop should be one of the most spectacular churches in the city. The Basilica of Santa María del Mar has a beautiful Gothic-style façade and imposing rose windows that merge into a play of light inside the temple. It is famous because the Born neighborhood is considered the neighborhood of the town, since its construction is due to the effort and dedication of its neighbors, who were in charge of transporting the stones down from the Montjuic mountain.

Stroll through Barceloneta

It is worth traveling six kilometers to get between Barceloneta and the Forum, giving us the option of enjoying a walk at sunset, to watch the pinkish twilight bathe the buildings of Barcelona. And, if you want to get out of the city a little and you are looking for a quieter place, you can relax on the sand breathing fresh air in good company.

Visit the Temple of Augustus

If in these 2022 Barcelona plans you want to see a vestige of the Roman Empire in the heart of Barcelona, ​​you should look at these ancient columns that were part of a Roman temple, although not many people have discovered this secret. It can be accessed from the Gothic quarter, to be more precise, by entering the headquarters of the Excursionist Center of Catalonia, where the Roman temple of Augustus survives, made up of four 9-meter-high columns.

Take a look at the Mirador d’Horta

A panoramic view of the city can only be seen from a good skyline. Any occasion is perfect to see the city from the Mirador d’Horta, a balcony located next to the Cerdanyola road that offers unforgettable views of Barcelona while you oxygenate your body in the shade of a tree.

In addition, the d’Horta swing has been installed near this viewpoint for years. This attraction could currently be under repair after it was broken last February.

Visit the castle of Montjuïc

Do you have plans to go on an excursion to the heart of Barcelona? In the middle of the Montjuic mountain stands a military fortress in perfect condition whose visiting hours are between 10:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. In addition, at Montjuïc Castle, on holidays, you have the option of taking a guided tour of the various areas of the mountain to learn about the geological characteristics of Montjuïc, as well as its flora and fauna.

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