7 Best plans for this 2022 in Valencia

Valencia is a place that should be among the first options for a getaway this 2022, whether for a honeymoon or a family trip. With these 2022 Valencia plans there will be no excuse to get bored.

7 Best plans for this 2022 in Valencia

Load your suitcase eager to have fun because you will carry these 2022 Valencia plans in your memory.

The river route of the Júcar

River route of the Júcar. It is one of the most worthy places to look at in Spain. Located between Cortes de Pallás and Cofrentes and just an hour and a half from Valencia, you can discover the Muela de Cortes where you can take an incredible river cruise. On the river route through the Júcar you can take an impressive and relaxing tour sailing along the section of the Júcar river located between Cortes de Pallás and Cofrentes.

Visit Castellnovo

Castellnovo is a municipality that is part of the province of Castellón, in the Alto Palancia region. Castellnovo castle was owned by Beatriz de Borgía in the 15th century, and it is perhaps the only Renaissance-type castle with a barrel-vaulted roof in the Valencian Community.

Meet Ontiyent and Windows of Pou Clar

These are caves isolated from each other, with a depth of between 1.5 and 5 meters. Ontinyent is located in the Vall d’Albaida, and is crossed by the Clariano river. It is worth knowing its historic center.

Cheese Puddles

The best option for hot weather: four natural pools with different sizes and depths, surrounded by mountains and pine forests. You can take a bath in all the puddles and in summer much better! The pools of the Rio Grande are located 7 km from the town. You can access the town –and by the way take advantage of getting to know it-. An easily accessible route is the Ruta Río de las Cuevas.

City of Arts and Sciences

This is the most important meeting point for the curious in Valencia, another of the best 2022 Valencia plans. In this enclosure you will be able to observe exhibitions from artistic and scientific of all kinds. Get ready to be in contact with art, nature, zoology, outer space and much more.

Do not miss the Oceanographic of Valencia

All the marine world summarized in one place you can appreciate it in the Valencia Oceanographic. You will come into contact with the most varied and impressive marine fauna: turtles, manta rays, sharks and fish of all species. This place is dedicated to the preservation of these species and to offering the public exhibitions and information on everything related to the marine world.

Taste the paella

If there is a good place to enjoy a good paella, it is in the city where it was born. There is a wide variety of restaurants where it is prepared the old-fashioned way and with the best ingredients. You can choose from a traditional inn to a more elegant and chic place where you can also accompany it with a good glass of wine from the area.