What to do in December in Valencia with motorcycle rental

If you are looking for a city break during the winter or have run out of ideas, this article of the things to do in December in Valencia with motorcycle rental can be very useful for you. Valencia is one of the best cities to live this season and thanks to its Mediterranean climate, you can enjoy the variations in temperature, prominent settings and much more.

Motorcycle rental in Valencia

Valencia is the third largest city in Spain, it has a great combination of cultural and natural attractions (the irresistible sun and the beach), becoming a fantastic tourist destination in December and perfect to explore it through a motorcycle rental in Valencia, continue reading and know the interesting things to do during this month.

Things to do in December in Valencia

This city has a varied mix of old and new buildings, giving residents and visitors a truly unique and special feeling, as well as the opportunity to tour it with a motorcycle rental in Valencia.

From medieval castles and towers to modernist and art deco architecture, also counting on the nice little flashy shops and large shopping centers, Valencia has it all and is a great city to visit with a motorcycle rental.

Like any city, there are also plenty of great places to eat and drink, plus great options for a cheap December without compromising on December fun and entertainment.

Tour of the central squares with motorcycle rental in Valencia

The plazas or plazas in Spain are often tree lined, with gloriously attractive shady spots. They are usually surrounded by several lanes, access points and dark paths that lead to different courtyards and, in some cases, even more, to pretty squares.

You can set up the tour starting with one of the most beautiful squares in Valencia: Plaza de la Reina, located in the old town and from there tour the others surrounding them and enjoying the commercial attractions of the area or directly, moving on to the second thing for to do from this list.

Visit to the Torres de Serrano

This tour can include a visit to the Torres de Serranos and Plaza Fueros, with respect to the first tourist attraction, it is the 2 gates that are still preserved from the old city walls, a building that has been used throughout centuries for different purposes such as military prison and city gates.

Sunday is the only day with free entry and although the rest of the days you can climb to the top for a fee, it is worth including it in the things to do in December in Valencia with Motorcycle Rental, since it is such a historical experience that You can even feel the impacts of the bomb on the walls and enjoy one of the best views of the city from the top.

Tour with motorcycle rental in Valencia

Motorcycle rental in Valencia is 100% recommended, especially to get to know every nook and cranny of the city, being flat, it is very easy to drive and walk around its historic center, enjoy the good weather and the cheap motorcycle rentals available .

There are many trails and roads available to reach the most striking hiding places in the city, you will hear tales of cities, curiosities of the Middle Ages and you will go through more than 2000 years of history in as long as you want.

In addition, making a motorcycle rental in Valencia for winter becomes a great option, since the city becomes a living fairy tale for December with the arrival of Christmas, from December 1 it becomes the city of las lights, where most of the buildings have their beautiful facades illuminated by little lights, making the city light up and glow at night.