The Maritime Museum and the Parc Güell

The Maritime Museum of Barcelona
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with little more than 1 million and a half inhabitants Barcelona is the second most populated city in Spain and the eleventh of Europe, in addition to its metropolitan area is even more impressive, composed of more than 30 municipalities reaches a figure of close to 4 million inhabitants, where live almost 60% of the Catalans. Barcelona and the hospitals are separated by a roadway and Barcelona and Sant Adrià del Besòs by a bridge. Visit the city of Barcelona with your rental bikes Barcelona Rideon
Descubre lo mejor de Barcelona
Limited by the sea and the mountain, Barcelona is a city almost without soil, therefore it is not so much to grow but to be renewed. The Mediterranean is the embryonic element of Barcelona from its origins settlers, invaders and in recent decades cruises with tourists, much of what Barcelona is, arrived by sea. Discover Barcelona of the most convenient and quick with Rideon, your rental bikes Barcelona.
The reality is that nowadays a city is a mosaic, the city is divided into districts and these in neighborhoods, in streets and in portals, portals are divided into homes and these in rooms. From the largest to the smallest there is always an order, but within the order there is also a bit of a mess, districts constructed since the rationality and the design and neighborhoods built from the random. In a certain sense the city could be defined as a chaos that aspires to order.

Museo Marítimo Barcelona
A thousand years ago until here came the sea, the “Drassanes” was where the ships were built, in the collection of the maritime museum called attention to a replica to the actual size of the Galera of Don Juan of Austria to
eat in the Cova Smoked
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founded in 1944, Cova Smoked is an ancient cellar, still retains today their barrels and their marble tables, the atmosphere is informal and homely. The kitchen, to the view, presents us with tapas and homemade dishes with fish as an ingredient highlighted. A popular place and very busy that does not accept reservations.
Restaurante la Cova Fumada Barcelona
On the basis of the 9h of the morning are already at our disposal the octopus, the cap i POTA, the pickles, botifarres, plus some sardines and some prawns that does not take too much time in some of the boats of the Moll Rellotge.
Parc Guell
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Visita banco del Parc Güell de Barcelona
At the beginning of the XX century the architect Antoni Gaudã decorated with tiles a bank that seem to be available without order and to free whim, the tile or “trencadís” made with pieces so different but with a result as harmonic e a good summary of the city,
in the afternoon we recommend to take the car bike Barcelona and visit the Park Güell, is a reflection of the fullness of artistic Gaudi: belongs to your naturalist stage (first decade of the twentieth century), period in which the architect honed his personal style, through the inspiration in the organic forms of nature, for what you put into practice a whole series of new structural solutions originating in his deep analysis of the geometry Regulated.
Visita el Parc Güell de Barcelona
To this adds the Catalan artist a great creative freedom and an imaginative creation: on the basis of true ornamental baroque his works acquired great wealth structural, of forms and volumes without rigidity rationalist or any classic premise.1 In the Park Güell deployed Gaudí all its architectural genius, and put into practice many of its innovative structural solutions that would be emblematic of its organic style and that would culminate in the Sagrada Familia.
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