The cold is not a limitation for the most curious tourists

The Balearic Islands are a key point for Spaniards, promoting that all foreigners and nationals can get to know them with enough time to enjoy not only wonderful coasts but also spaces that seem to have remained in time, so it is worth the investment even in the summer. Each one has its particular charm and especially Menorca is known in other countries, so people come from anywhere in the world, it is they who make everyone find out through social networks about the importance of tourism for all of Spain, of how it can be the beginning of a trip on a larger scale to see so many wonders.

What can you see in winter?

The cold is not a limitation for the most curious tourists, almost all of them start by visiting Ciudadela, which is currently the capital of Menorca. It is distinctly colonial in architecture, with quite old buildings and it also has a Cathedral that takes your breath away. There is more than one square where you can sit and enjoy an ice cream and watch people walk, even read a little given the tranquility of the space. You should always carry a jacket with you, because winter weather can be very rainy.
The second stop par excellence is Monte Toro, it is not the highest mountain in the country but on the island of Menorca, with about 357 meters high and we also highlight the impressive view at the end of the climb. The air there is extremely pure so you can even enjoy it to do meditations, along with comfortable clothes and enough liquid to hydrate are the essential implements, on the way down you will find restaurants known as Es Tat de Na Silvia, where the typical flavors of there are .
The Finca de Subaida is a classic part for travel Tours, because for the inhabitants of Menorca it is a pride to have internationally recognized cheeses in their spaces. They show how they make Mahonés cheese, an exquisite flavor that has no limits and is especially Spanish, the best of all is that it is close to important places so you can do several things in the same day.
The well-known Gin Xoriguer makes Menorca a wine site, it is a typical Menorcan gin and of course, produced there on a farm. It is the star visit of your trip, because they make it an experience of flavors and tastings.
Mahón is the most popular area of ​​Menorca for tourists, because it has a fairly old central area and whose architecture has a lot to do with the British, with well-present light colors. The harbor is the second deepest in the world, just below Pearl Harbor, so you must stop by.
Visit the Lanzareto, which is a kind of fortress where merchants used to quarantine so as not to bring contagious diseases to the island and then go on to sell. Its structure is spectacular, how old and well preserved it is, but also that it has a chapel for those who stayed there.

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