Take care of your skin and enjoy the beaches of Mallorca

The increase in temperature in the Balearic Islands has significantly influenced the increase in cases of diseases related to sun exposure, which is why the authorities have focused more on taking preventive measures against solar radiation on the beaches of Mallorca.

What is UVA radiation?

The sun’s radiation is emitted over a wide range of the electromagnetic spectrum. It receives the name of ultraviolet, because its wavelength is shorter than what the human being associates with the color violet.

This in turn is divided into three types (A, B and C). The latter are very dangerous, but fortunately, the atmosphere can protect us from such radiation by preventing it from reaching the earth’s surface. UVA and UVB reach a percentage and although low doses do not cause damage, overexposure can cause severe damage to the skin.

What is the UVI index?

The function of the UVI index is to measure the ultraviolet radiation that reaches the earth’s surface for each wavelength weighted through its harmful effect on people. Therefore, by consulting this value, it is possible to know the risk that the sun implies daily for our health.

Zero cloud cover or altitude reduces the damping factor of the atmosphere to prevent an intense entry of solar radiation, which is obviously higher in the middle of the day and in the months of April to September.

New protection measures in Mallorca

As preventive measures against solar radiation on the beaches of Mallorca, the company Hi-Service has been given the task of installing five information points with defibrillators in 5 of the most visited beaches in Mallorca: Playa de Muro, Camp de Mar, Sa Calobra , Sant Elm and Cala Millor already have preventive information on the effects of the sun, skin diseases, cardiovascular diseases, as well as various accidents.

The objective of this initiative is to make the population aware of the importance of protection against UV rays and a simple method through a sun traffic light and an interactive screen, due to the fact that the cases of diseases generated by radiation have increased a lot. sun in recent years.

These points also have a Connected Operational Defibrillator that will be available 24 hours a day to attend to the different areas in the event of a cardiovascular accident.

These areas were chosen because they have more influx of people and so that the points are better distributed throughout the island. There are already 15 points like these throughout Spain.

The prevention measures against solar radiation on the beaches of Mallorca are those that would be followed on any beach:

Avoid sunbathing on the beaches between noon and 4 pm.
Use sunscreen on the face and body.
Bring enough water and soft drinks to stay hydrated.
Wear cotton clothing that covers the most exposed parts of the body.