Safe driving by city

Safe Driving by City

Safe driving scooter by city
Driving by city is not as easy as following rigid driving rules, but it also requires an attitude to make an easy and safe driving.
The best advice for the one who is driving a motorbike is circulate with the utmost prudence, scrupulously follow the rules and anticipate maneuvers and movements of traffic.  Ride On is your rent scooter Barcelona service.

Maximizes Attention

In the city do not have to look, you have to look at everything, drive ahead preventing any risk maneuver, be cautious and take into account the speed of traffic and the speed in which one moves. It is possible that some vehicles do not realize the presence of a motorist, so it is always an excellent advice to anticipate the maneuvers of the drivers.

Avoid the dead angle

Evitar el ángulo muerto circulacion en motot por Barcelona

One of the most useful tips for a safe motorcycle circulation is to avoid driving at ¾ of the length of the cars, or stalemate, where a rider can be completely invisible in the rear-view of a driver.

Save enough distance to provide an emergency braking and drive always calculating an escape route to side and avoid colliding with the car in front if there is an abrupt braking. Also avoid moving behind trucks or vehicles that prevent you from seeing traffic in general. Ride On and enjoy Barcelona with your rent vespa Barcelona service

Optimize the speed of your scooter

On the bike forget that I’m in half an hour and arrive in 15 minutes, even having to cross the city from end to end, circulating at the speed regulating the times per trip are always very reasonable on motorbike, most incidents in motorcycle in town are caused by circulating at a speed higher than the rest of vehicles in circulation, circulate with a differential of small speed with the rest of vehicles gives sufficient time to brake in case of any unforeseen. 


precaucion semáforos conducción con moto

It is not advisable to rush the braking at traffic lights, you have to take special care with the braking of the front cars and not trust those cars that seem to happen and finally make a sharp braking. Discover Barcelona with Ride On scooter rental Barcelona.

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