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What is Renting for Riders?

Globalization, business dynamism, new ways of understanding property thanks to the collaborative economy are undoubtedly changing the character of startups, SMEs and freelancers in our country. Visit Rideon.es and find the best solution for your barcelona scooter rental.

This new way of understanding the economy is creating different consumption habits, taking advantage of third-party goods for our own benefit, paying only for what we are going to use and optimizing our resources to the maximum so that profitability is greater and in the shortest possible time.
In the middle of this maelstrom, Renting is born, for periods that can be short or indeterminate.

It is incredible and unimaginable the amount of products that are offered under this modality, telephony, computers, cars, trucks, vans, tools, medical equipment, printers and an almost infinite etc…. and how could it be less this train also get on the Ride On Moto Rent Scooters with their “Renting for Riders”. Ride On, your barcelona rent scooter service.

Where to buy your Renting for Riders?

You can hire the renting for Riders service at any of our motorcycle rental offices in Barcelona and now also at our new motorcycle rental service in Palma de Mallorca.

What does the Renting for Riders include?

Scooter renting is not only about long-term motorcycle rental, RENTING FOR RIDERS is a business style, a way of understanding business different from others, At Ride On we take care of the 100×100 of your scooter.

With this service, companies forget about the purchase of the motorcycle, mechanics, reviews, ITV, road taxes, insurance, registration and in case of breakdown we offer a replacement vehicle so that your business does not stop because of the scooter. At Ride On we offer the best Mallorca motorcycle rental service.

The leading companies in the world do not understand any other way to acquire their tools other than with Renting, if the world of business in high places have been using this method for many years is it for something, is it not time to imitate them?

Ride On’s Renting for Riders service includes:

The registration and the tax of the same.
Tire replacement.
Hiring of insurance and a franchise for damage or theft.
Of accessories such as helmet, lock and trunk.
Payment of fees and taxes

Advantages of Renting for Riders?

We show you a comparison with the different products that compete with Scooter Renting.

R.4.R Vs Purchase

When buying a scooter, the company not only has to assume the total cost of the scooter, it also has to add the registration, buy the license plate, accessories such as the trunk, lock, helmet and also third party insurance. Access our website and discover all the advantages of renting motorcycles for companies in Barcelona.
The revisions strictly stipulated by the brand must be made, at 500 km, at 3000 km and at 5000 km so that it covers the guarantee in case of breakdown. For this, the company will have to waste time asking for an appointment to the workshop, taking the motorcycle and worst, not being able to have the motorcycle to move comfortably as its users do every day.

The first year of acquisition of the motorcycle represents a very high extra cost for companies, it is calculated that for a 125cc scooter the first 12 months ends up costing around € 3,400 to € 3,700, of which € 2,900 must be paid on time to buy the motorcycle.
This purchase can also be made through a bank loan / financing that has the same difficulties as the direct purchase, only that you end up paying an increase in the price of the scooter for the interest applied by the bank to the financing.

R.4.R Vs Leasing

Leasing and its two variants: There are two types of leasing, closed and open.
Closed-end leasing means that at the end of the lease period, you only have to return the motorcycle. If the motorcycle has any unusual wear or tear or the mileage allowed has been exceeded, a set amount will have to be paid; but there are no additional obligations other than this.

In open-type leasing, the customer agrees to buy the motorcycle, at a predetermined price, at the end of the lease period. People who drive a lot, as well as many companies, typically use this method. Although, for most consumer groups a closed type motorcycle lease is recommended as you have fewer obligations at the end of the lease period.

It is true that in both cases the tax benefits are similar to those of renting, the problem with motorcycle leasing is that it has all the added difficulties that direct purchase has. In addition, the leasing does not allow you to return the motorcycle before time.

Advantages for your company?

The depreciation in a vehicle purchase after 2 years usually exceeds 50% taking into account that the motorcycle is in perfect condition, if we add to this that you have to pay insurance, road tax, revisions and maintenance, change of tires , brake pads, belt, variator rollers, etc. the amount would be around € 2,000.

With all this, Renting for Riders represents an improvement for the cost forecast of companies, the main advantages being:

A forecast in the annual mobility budget for your company.
The possibility of including renting in the income statement as an expense.
The peace of mind of knowing that there will be no surprises with repairs.
Know that in case of breakage you have a replacement motorcycle.
Have no maintenance costs.
An increase in the availability of the treasury due to savings on the purchase

If we carry out the calculations, it is always an advantage to opt for a scooter rental acquisition system:
With an approximate renting fee of € 195 per month, in 24 months we add € 4680 gross. From here you can deduct:

VAT € 812.24
773.56 income tax

And you save yourself from paying:

€ 40 (approx) road tax
€ 450 compulsory third party insurance
150 € registration
70 € trunk
€ 45 padlock
€ 600 in maintenance doing an average of 1 thousand kms per month.

In short, R4R is the best option to have a motorcycle for the company.
Do not wait to be able to enjoy its advantages and contact us at renting@rideon.es or call us at 971 576 958.

For more information visit our Barcelona Information Blog, for online booking of rental motorcycles in Barcelona you can visit our website www.rideon.es