Recommendations on Environmental Regulations

All of Europe has been affected by pollution and at the same time activated all its alarms, trying to stop any negative impact of vehicles on our environment progressively, with the support of each citizen by complying with the new regulations. It is extremely important to keep abreast of the issue, to be able to exercise our moral obligations and also collaborate in the reduction of polluting gases in the city where we are, each time the rules will be a little more detailed to have more positive results around the world, regardless of borders.

Why classify motorcycles?

At first, it is known that all types of vehicle generate a high degree of pollution, because the carbon dioxide gases that they emit are synonymous with pollution in a short term, so they began to regulate the use of motorcycles in almost the entire country . Progressively, follow-ups will be carried out to find the designs of motorcycles and cars that can optimize their use without releasing so many gases into the environment or with less use of fuels, they are small steps for a conscious use of the resources that we already have, which in a certain way we make life easier.

What regulations have been applied?

The government has been in charge of creating awareness, although it is a long process, something had to start and in this case, the first affected were motorcycles with registration of 2003 or previous years, which no longer have permission to continue circulating. To control traffic in this sense, labels were created to divide into categories the motorcycles that are on the streets and thus know what type of system they have, controlling when they can be mobilized or the areas, trying not to impact on already highly contaminated spaces .

The categories to be considered are B, C, ECO and zero emissions, they are considered in this way because all automobiles (even buses) prior to Euro 2 will have to gradually stop being used, it is basically the only control strategy. We could explain this phenomenon in the following way: Those that go without a label are from 2003 or before, label B are from that year onwards, label C are from 2007 and finally the zero emissions, they are electric vehicles, which do not generate pollution at least in our air, which is what we want to take care of the most, in order to avoid respiratory problems in the population.

The objective of beginning to distribute these labels among the population is to make the job easier for the Urban Guard, because just by looking at the vehicle they know which group it belongs to and can take measures in case they are generating a lot of pollution. These dynamics for each city are perfect to start making a difference on our planet, it may not be definitive but they are small steps in favor of our needs and that cover part of the expectations that every responsible citizen has about the environment or how we can damage it if we don’t do things a little better.