Port of Menorca and Mercadal

In the area of ​​the fishing port of Menorca, buildings no longer have anything to do with buildings influenced by English tradition. Although within them rises another of the haunted traditions to the Menorcan culture as a result of the passage of the English on the island, the Gin distillery, Geneva or ointment as the people of Ciutadella call it. With four alembics, wine alcohol from Penedès and the essences of Ginesta, this delicious drink, queen of popular festivals, is prepared. From Rideonmotorent we encourage you to visit Menorca with the Menorca motorcycle rental.

Pomada factory in menorca
Inside the church of Santa María there is an organ of 3,200 pipes that originally should not have been destined for Mahón but the bad luck of a storm diverted it there. Currently it is the great pride of the church and to this day at 10 o’clock every day there is an excellent concert in the cool gloom of the religious site. A corner worth visiting, especially if you enjoy a Menorca motorcycle rental. Nothing confers more tranquility and restlessness than visiting the Torralba site early in the morning, a space that summarizes a complex built by a past civilization, wells, talayots, burials. One of its vertical faces appears carved as if someone had already wanted to sanctify the stone, so important on an island like Menorca, where the stone is queen of most horizons that abruptly descend to the sea.

Torralba minorca deposit
Visit some of the farmhouses in order to discover how the rich Denomination of Origin cheese of Menorca is made, all born from some red or Menorcan cows, indigenous breed of the island, are cows with no horns that pasture freely in the hills from Menorca. After their two daily walks in the mountains, the cows return to the stables and with classical music they allow themselves to be milked by the automatic milking machines.
The typical Menorcan
Following the road to Ciutadella we find the town of Mercadal, a silent town of beautiful streets and white houses, one could contemplate the almost cubist perspectives of its roofs, there we can find one of the first shoe shops on the island, a site full of memories and where the authentic Menorcan sandals are still being built.
The history of the Menorcan Abarca was born as the need to put shoes on the island’s peyes. Having old tires, they thought about how to take advantage of that material to be able to walk through the northern part of the island, an abundant area of ​​rock. The tire also abounded and was perfect as a shoe sole. In the typical Menorcan we can make some custom albarcas, being able to have a shoe adjusted to the perfection of our feet.
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