Lyceum and church of Santa Maria del PI

The Liceo de Barcelona
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The most famous street in Barcelona is the Rambla, everything has been said about it, which is a continuous torrent of people, which is a sample of humanity or the most diverse urban fauna that comes to look and be looked at. Today the boulevard is not only a street, it has become a stage full of shows. On the edge of the boulevard is the most famous stage in the city of Barcelona, ​​the Liceo. Visit the city of Barcelona with your Barcelona RideOn motorcycle rental

Reborn from its own ashes, the Liceu is not only one of the world’s leading opera houses, but a whole institution, especially for a city that has an outstanding musical vocation. It should be noted that in the same building coexists next to the theater, the Conservatorio Superior de Música del Liceo and the Círculo del Liceo, an independent private civil society created in 1847, owner of a sector of the building that has not been affected by any of the fires and that it conserves his modernist decoration like example of the implication of the Catalan bourgeoisie in the cultural activities.

After the fire of 1994, the theater was rebuilt, following the project and direction of the architects Ignasi de Solà Morales, Xavier Fabré and Lluís Dilmé, and was reopened in 1999. The reconstruction respected the atmosphere of the room and it considerably enlarged the stage to adapt it to the most modern specifications, for which it was necessary to demolish various houses surrounding the theater. Discover Barcelona in the most convenient and fast way with Rideon, your Barcelona motorcycle rental.

The Liceo has twelve levels, three facades and a median, and has a flat roof at the triangular end of Las Ramblas with Calle de San Pablo and other flat roofs at different levels in the rest of the new building.
The three facades must be evaluated, understood as the main element that defines the public and urban space, as the dialogue and the exercise of a cultured and worked evolution and where some materials and a relation of full / empty have been used that confer an enormous actuality to the debate that involves working with the past and its pre-existences. Once again, the possibility of establishing a dialogue and not a mimetic confrontation between the past and the present has become a reality. Discover Barcelona in the most convenient and fast way with Rideon, your Barcelona motorcycle rental.

Eating at a grocery store
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Ultramarinos is located in the heart of Barcelona and in one of the most emblematic places in the city, La Rambla. It is a magnificent gastronomic space designed by the renowned Lázaro Rosa-Violán. The interior designer has made a remote space a place to have fun, creating a jovial environment bathed in natural light that illuminates a large room through a mosaic of skylights. Ultramarinos stands as the trendy tapas bar in Barcelona, ​​combining style and sophistication with an open kitchen and a sophisticated cocktail bar. The place also offers you the opportunity to enjoy a fun terrace while you witness the hustle and bustle of the Rambla.

Enjoy with us a delicious cocktail menu created by the best baristas in the city, come and have some tapas, enjoy the seafood of the Barcelona Llotja and our products of km 0. We are waiting for you on Sundays to eat an authentic paella and try DO wines brought from the best natural, biodynamic and organic wineries in the country.

A space of 800m2 accommodates all tastes. You can see their chefs working from a bar made of natural wood or spending a pleasant evening in the central room, which wants to pay homage to the Spanish verbena festivities. Grocery serves modest but fresh, tasty and authentic dishes; all made with the best national products.
You can take a walk in Castilla y León with a sensational suckling lamb or feel like in Galicia tasting the old beef steak, you can even navigate the Catalan coasts and find the best fresh seafood of the day. Although you can also travel further and ask for the Iberian secret with mojo picón canario or stay at home accompanied by a consecrated Barcelona dish, cod fritters with honey alioli.

Church of Santa María del Pi
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In the afternoon we recommend taking the Barcelona motorbike rental and visiting the Church of Santa Maria del Pi, the building has been built as a gap for the bell tower to be seen from the boulevard, is a good example of construction designed for the eye. The square of the pi where the gothic church with the same name is, is today an entrails