Binigaus, one of the most accessible virgin beaches in Menorca

Biniagus, one of the most accessible virgin beaches in Menorca

The main attraction of the Es Migjorn Gran municipality are its beaches, the more than two thousand square meters of white sand that its coastline enjoys. Although it is also necessary to take into account the great archaeological legacy of this municipality, which holds the first place in the Balearic Islands in number of megalithic monuments, with a density of up to five prehistoric remains per square kilometer.
Among its most important sites it is possible to highlight sa Cova des Coloms, of enormous dimensions, the hypostyle hall of Binigaus or the great talayot ​​of Sant Agustí Vell.
But today we are going to know a little bit of the coast of this Menorca town on a rental motorcycle. We are going to visit one of the virgin beaches of Es Migjorn Gran, specifically the Biniagus Beach, very close to Santo Tomàs and which is accessible on foot by a short and easy walk through the Camí de Cavalls.
You can also go to this beach from Es Migjorn Gran, 4 kms away, on a longer path but that will allow us to pass through the famous Cova des Coloms.
This beach is almost a kilometer long and the abundant vegetation in the area reaches the beach itself, offering an incredible landscape of golden sand, clean deep blue water and the green of the forested area that protects it. .
In some areas nudism is practiced and the mud on one of its cliffs is also used to cover the skin.
The beach is located in a protected area due to its great landscape and environmental value and offers one of the most vivid images of the Menorcan coast.