Headlights of Menorca and Fornells

Headlights of Menorca and Fornells
The highest mountain of Menorca is the Bull, the Roman word Tor (height), and that in addition to save in their boundaries a sanctuary and a hostelry, allowed from the top of mount stunning views of the entire contour of the island.
From the large terrace built in the upper part is currency where earth has converted definitively in water, such as flight of bird all contours emerge from the bottom of the valley with a surprising natural wealth. For a traditional island of sailors it visit the impressive headlights that today continued to care of the vessels that dock in the island. The visit to the headlights of Menorca is perfect to enjoy the car bike Menorca with RideonMotorent
The Favaritx lighthouse, located at the easternmost point of the island is according to the Menorcans The first point of Spain to see the sun. Of the three large bays of Menorca, Fornells facing north and beaten by the Tramuntana makes its waters are transformed into a perfect marina for any type of teaching how to navigate with candle. The candles raids by the wind are the environment that on the water slide soft. The port of Fornells hides fantastic corners to discover with the bike rental airport menorca
In addition Fornells is an important fishing port with the most accredited of lobsters landed in him. From the port of Fornells you can contemplate how the small fishing boats arrive to sell the fish caught, a fantastic scene to understand the quality of fish from Menorca and how the fishing tradition of the island remains for the years. The visit to Fornells is almost essential with the rent motorbikes Menorca
during six months lengthens the fishing season of the lobster which together with some cabracho or some monkfish fill the networks of those artisans of the sea. The port of Fornells by its orientation to the Tramuntana mountain range makes the boats are during some months berthed at the pier. without being able to get out to fish. During the summer period you can get to work up to 20 days per month.
The locusts of Fornells is characterized by part be the star dish of the people, the famous lobster stew is a delicacy for many palates visit the town in search of an exquisite delicacy. The fishermen of island recommended whenever you want to enjoy all the flavor of a fresh lobster eat it to the iron and not with caldereta, even knowing that the tradition of the people is well known to this traditional dish of Minorca.
After a good meal is to mention the visit to the place of cavalry, a getaway to make with the motorcycle rental in Menorca, one of the most exciting points of the costa Tramuntana and the step by the bay of Sa Mitjana. The tour of the island of the coast toward the interior, the lighthouse of Cavalleria warns all navigator of this coast moved by the fierce Tramuntana.