Discover the Roman Barcelona

Track Roman tombstone
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under the stones of the medieval wall there are grounds visible from the roman wall that enshrining the city of Barcelona, it is possible that many of those who think they know Barcelona unaware that in the heart of Ciutat Vella there is a long underground tour by the remains of what was the Barcelona romana. Visit the city of Barcelona with your rental bikes Barcelona in Rideon Barcelona.
Via Sepulcral Barcelona
The Plaza de la Villa de Madrid was built in the fifties, in the space of the old convent of Santa Teresa of the Carmelite Nuns of Barcelona, destruido by a fire in 1936.
During the works was discovered an ancient Roman necropolis that was included in a garden space. From an elevated walkway we can see a total of 70 tombs dated between the second and third centuries can be clearly observed how the Romans built their cemeteries outside the walls, alongside roads and in line, as in a procession that the closer toward the beyond. The tombs in stone of the necropolis were also of taste of the citizens of Barcelona. Discover Barcelona of the most convenient and quick with Rideon, your rental bikes Barcelona.
Eat in Tast-LLer
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Tast-Ller bet on a market cuisine. In a different environment where makes the customer feel as if you were at home, Tast-Ller has something that seduces, a different way to celebrate any event, something intimate and very very personal, with explanations of each dish by the chef, make it a unique experience and a very pleasant and nearby.
Restaurante Tast-Ller-Barcelona
The name of the restaurant Tast-Ller (taste and workshop) symbolizes perfectly the concept that pursues the restaurant with an excellent tasting menu, depending on that yes, the gender of the day, the coolest, all this found in the best markets Barcelona.
Barcelona Cathedral
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Contact: Http://www.catedralbcn.org/
By the afternoon we recommend to take the car bike Barcelona and visit the Gothic Quarter, is the more harmonious expression of the Barcelona medieval and renaissance, the cathedral is the most striking building in the Gothic Quarter, its interior reflects the sieved light, typical of the adequacy of this style to the Mediterranean climate.
Catedral Barcelona
The current cathedral was built during the thirteenth to fifteenth centuries on the ancient Romanesque cathedral, built to turn on a church of the Visigothic period which was preceded by an early Christian Basilica, whose remains can be seen in the subsoil, in the Museum of the history of the city. The completion of the impressive facade in the same style, however, is much more modern (19th century). The building is Well of Cultural Interest and, since 2 November 1929, a Historic-Artistic Monument National.
Cripta Catedral Barcelona
Under the altar there is a crypt dedicated to Santa Eulàlia, a young màrtir from the Roman era. The crypt is accessed by a staircase open in the middle of the temple, built between the thirteenth and fifteenth centuries According to the popular belief, the friday gave bad luck hit two or more keys; when you had to close the cathedral, announced precisely with the noise that caused the clash of keys, less on Friday that it was sound a chime and the altar servers were the keys one in each hand. Visit Barcelona with your rental bikes Barcelona RIdeon
It is said that the death of the canonigo announced San Benito three days before, with three strokes of a hub in the vault to resonate in the entire temple and if he was the bishop was ringing the bell Tomasa, also three times.
Claustro catedral Barcelona
The cloister of the cathedral evokes a time of silence and calmness, monastic life and recollection.
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